Estimate for Fresh Express Photo Shoot

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One day of photography in a beautiful natural light studio just north of Wicker Park

The Studio

Parchment Studio is located just north of Wicker Park. It has beautiful natural light that can be reduced as needed. The shooting space is adjacent to the kitchen and we will have full access to hundreds of surfaces, flatware, dishes and linens.

Parment 1.jpg
Parment 2.jpg

Visual Direction

The look of the photography is bright and colorful with 2-3 camera angles of each build for multiple uses across social media platforms and website. Most plates can be shot on surfaces. As options, we can have a plate being held or include some sort of action such as a sauce or garnish being added to the finished build.

Mood Board

Sample images for look and feel. (Some of these are stock, some I shot). Click on image to see full size.