If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.
— Stanley Kubrick


All about Todd Pierson

well...SORT OF

It has to fit the web page space, so I have to keep it short. My passions are video, photography, physical fitness, and Haiti. I've been to Haiti maybe 9 times and go there annually to film a story. I try not to take it for granted the water out of my faucet is always there and always clean. You forget that where we live is not like the rest of the world. I hold a board position in an organization called New Life for Haiti. I have worked with so many dedicated and selfless people that have a passion to helping this region which is mostly forgotten unless a major natural disaster occurs. Between the earth quakes and hurricanes, this culture struggles relentlessly to survive on a daily basis. If you want to change your life for the better, go visit Haiti. You won't take water out of your faucet for granted.






I have 26 years of photography and 10 years in the video/film production business. Almost all of my projects are produced for marketing and 80% of them are in the culinary business. Food is an amazing subject because it takes in all of the senses. And just because it sits on a table and waits to be photographed or video recorded doesn't mean shooting it is not stressful. The perfect timing is short lived to capture the stellar peak of freshness.